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The Pictures Band State-of-the-Art Sound System

The System

One of the many aspects of The Pictures Band that sets us apart from other bands is our state-of-the-art sound system. It is composed of modular powered speaker components that can be configured for a wide variety of stage setups and performance hall scenarios. At the heart of this system is the Software Audio Console (SAC) mixing engine. This is a computer-based mixing system that can be located on or adjacent to the stage. All vocal and instrument sources are connected to this instead of a traditional mixing console. The whole thing is controlled wirelessly from notebook computer or a small netbook by our sound engineer. There are no snakes or cables crossing the floor and our sound engineer can mix from an unobtrusive location in the back of the room or while walking around and listening from the audience perspective to insure the best listening experience for the event participants. Previous setups and shows from similar venues are stored on the system and can be recalled in moments, cutting the time previously necessary for an extensive sound check to just several minutes. The sound quality is pristine and has to be heard to be believed.

Complete Control of Overall Volume

All instruments, including the electronic drums, are connected directly to the system, so there are no loud instrument amps or drums outside the control of the sound engineer. The performers use In Ear Monitoring systems, so there aren't even wedge monitors on stage, except when needed for additional musicians in some larger band configurations. All this boils down to having the ability to control the overal volume and mix in minute detail, from quiet dinner music all the way up to pumping club-level dancing excitement.

Interfacing With Other Systems, Other Venues, etc.

For clubs, festivals, arenas, etc. where there is an existing sound system the SAC system can feed the house sound system from the stage and cut setup times drastically, while preserving the pristine sound quality and consistency we are well know for. We can also send a high-quality feed to vidographers, other satellite speakers in other rooms, etc. and all this can be controlled independently from the main mix.

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